Prayers for Humanity

Prayers for Humanity is a work in progress spanning over thirty years. bringing
Ani‘s vision and belief that people, cultures, religion, art and love
are all connected and essentially all one. The work is an ever revolving ever
changing collection of painting and inter-changeable boxes with images and
poems that evolve with painting, poems and quotes to express the urgency of the

1998 when 
Ani first exhibited Prayers For Humanity at the Deep Listing Space
in Kingston, curated by art directors Ione and Pauline Oliveros, she not only displayed
this installation in an exhibition but invited the audience to participate by
moving and rearranging her collection of paintings, painted boxes of images and
quotes to express their visions and hopes. Through the exhibition and
continuing through today, prayers for humanity has evolved to invite the
audience to not only rearrange but also add their own works of art, objects or
perhaps an object they hold sacred, to in essence make an offering in prayers
for humanity.

recently prayers for humanity was displayed at the International Festival of
the Voice, where viewers had the opportunity to do just this, re-arrange 
Ani‘s installation
and or add to it with their offerings to best express their own prayers into
the world we all participate in, in the hope of the realization that deep down
we all pray and wish for the same, good will for all.

“My interchangeable paintings began over twenty five years ago to build and create, inspired by the energies I grew up in, looking up to my artist brother who became an architect.
It allows the viewers to participate in the process as an artist expressing their own story with their signature vision added to a work of art, something they might never acted in doing alone and for that moment to feel the creativity in their own heart is a gift to them from Ani, as important to her then all she ever tried to create.”

Love Song

I will find you
to where you’ve gone
under the moonlight
to come home
to feel my love
like the ocean kissing the golden sand
We kiss with our lips
into my heart, feeling
your eyes looking,
knowing the deepest part of your soul.

For Steven
poem by Ani

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